Personal excellence through

Body, Mind and Soul

…it all starts in the mind


Start: May 10, 2017     End: May 14, 2017

It’s like the “thinking man’s alternative” to a pickup bootcamp. Rather than just telling to you approach hundreds of women until you get “good”, we address the underlying issues of why you’re not attracting women in the first place, and teach you how to re-design your entire social & dating lifestyle.

We want you to go ahead in life coming from a place of strength, with a level of understanding that will give you a massive advantage in the dating world.

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John Cooper


Your Lectures Worked

I would like to let you know that your lectures worked. I managed to improve at conversation skills and I don’t even feel shy, which used to happen to me before. Anyway, today I simply sat down next to a complete stranger and got her number a moment later. I even told her that I liked her without any problem. Then I told her I’d call her tomorrow to set up a date. Jan


She Was Really Impressed

…So, I walked up to her and started talking, I asked if she would like to read what I wrote about her and she did!. She was really impressed. We talked about lots of things, got her number and, with some luck, we will see each other again… Galego


Imagine how your life would look like if you had an invisible person with you. That person would listen to you, encourage you, helped you get through difficult times and lead you when you wanted to.

Would you then, finally live fearless life? Would you find joy in meeting and connecting with women around you? Would you stop caring about what other people think about you and value yourself more? Would you live your life like you want, creating your own freedom, happiness or business? Would you finally get fit?

Imagine having it all…

Wouldn’t that be great?

Master Your Mind

Being present, aware of why you do what you do is the key component of reaching the outcome that you seek. Once you get in touch with yourself, you can use it to dramatically imrpove your life in any and all areas. That is why it is so important to be in touch with yourself.

Beyond Attraction

I will assist you to get clarity on what and who you want to attract into your life and how to do it. The principles you learn will pay off in personal as well as business relationships.

The problem with “How…” questions

If you are guilty of asking how questions often, such as How do I start a business, How to get clients, how to attract men/women, How to lose weight, I will describe the problem of the question. I will also explain what kind of question you should replace it with and what is going on in your subconscious mind. The problem of "How" "How..."...
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Building a Strong Foundation

Building a strong foundation is one of the most overlooked things, especially when it comes to life. In business, we create business plans, marketing plans, we conduct market research but seem to forget about how important it is in other areas of life. What is the foundation The foundation represents roots that provide...
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Taking Things in Life Slowly

We live in society, where instant gratification is glorified and hard work, long term vision and strategies fall behind. It is natural to us, yes. But let's look at how taking things slowly can get you further. Much further. As I am getting older (and I am still young), I always realize new things when I reflect back. I already understood, that...
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Weekly roundup #1 Believe Your Guts, Fasted Endurance Training, Letting Go Procrastination, People to Follow

Dating & Relationships Believe your guts I was sitting at my favourite caffe, drinking coffee and working on my worksheet and writing. Things I do every Sunday morning. After a while a girl came in, sat down and ordered something. As I was watching her I had a kind of battle in my mind. I was thinking that I should go and start talking...
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Three ways how to be more approachable

This article is specifically for women, who want to understand why might men not start conversation with them  or would like to improve your dating life. 1. Don't worry, be happy People who are happy are attractive! When you are happy, you are much more open, sociable, you are smiling. We are all attracted to people who seem to be happy. Women...
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