Matthew Case Study

The Challenge

I met Matthew through one of the Facebook groups I am admin of. From the beginning he seemed like a very smart, happy and energetic guy – the last person you would expect to have problems in dating. However, the opposite was true. During our Skype call, Matthew told me his story. He said he was O.K. with women before, but after his last relationship ended, he started searching on the Internet for ways how to meet women. That resulted in situations, when he would be unable to speak with women because of the crippling anxiety he started to feel.

The Solution

During our first Skype call, I mostly listened to Matthew. It was a pleasure as he has a shining personality. It was more like a friendly chat, but important point was, that Matthew was committed to work on the issue. After understanding his problem I shared with him my perspective on the matter and a plan to follow for the next week.

Matthew followed the plan and the simple exercise I gave him, changed his mindset completely which allowed him to break-through and speak with women effortlessly again.