Three Ways H to be More Approachable

Have more men speak with you

This article is specifically for women, who want to understand why might men not start conversation with them  or would like to improve your dating life.

1. Don’t worry, be happy

People who are happy are attractive! When you are happy, you are much more open, sociable, you are smiling. We are all attracted to people who seem to be happy.

Women spend a lot of energy and money on clothes and hair and makeup. But your makeup will not make up for smile. Smile is the best thing you can wear. It is true that we men are visual. But even thought we are visual, we have different preferences, just like women. What we have in common however is happy women.

Sometimes we are so naive that we think that we made you happy. And there is no better feeling than that for a man. Get your shit together! If you don’t smile, we are less likely to talk to you.

Anyway, be happy, smile, enjoy life. Straight-face photos might look good in fashion magazines but not when it comes to relating to people.

2. Be less intimidated/intimidating

That includes smiling more 🙂 But also, too many times girls and women hang together in groups. Yes, you are sociable, you love to hang out with your friends and go together everywhere. Well, you don’t need to go everywhere in groups. Neither do you need to go to dark alleys alone. Just go to gym alone , maybe to a shopping center or anywhere. That way you make yourself look easier to be approached.

Most men will not start a conversation with you if you are in a group. We would think that we are interrupting or  simply be scared of the group.

At this point you might think that a man is not worthy of your attention if he is scared of your friends, which leads me to the point number three.

3. Revisit your ideas and beliefs about dating and how men should be

One of such beliefs is that men should fight for your attention. And some men believe so too! But there are many ways how to interpret it.

While you might think that it is noble if you “reject” a man  five times before accepting his invitation, I would invite you twice and then simply stop bothering. I don’t see value in wasting time in this way.

This is only one of many beliefs you might have. Important thing is to be aware of them and make conscious decision which to keep, which to change and which to remove. This requires time investment on your side.

If you are interested in receiving an  exercise for getting over your limiting beliefs write me an email and I will send it to you.



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